Holy Baptism

Baptism, sometimes called Christening is the way in which people become Christians, as has been the way since the earliest days of the Christian church.

The Bible tells us that St John the Baptist was calling people to repent of their sins, and for those who chose this new way of life, they received Baptism. Jesus himself was baptised in the River Jordan, where God the Father proclaimed Jesus as the Son of God.

Jesus teaches his people that all who would enter his kingdom must be born again of water and the Spirit. Baptism is the sign and seal of this new birth.

In a baptism, the person being baptised turns away from sin and makes promises to turn to Christ, is then washed in the waters of baptism, and is annointed with holy oil.

Please note, owing to the Coronavirus, we are not able to baptise outside of an emergecy. If you require a baptism in an emergency situation (i.e. where death is imminent), please contact 01633 509879.

Baptism of Infants.
If you’d like to get your child baptised, please fill in our online form.

Adult baptism.
If you’d like to find out more about Holy Baptism for yourself, please contact us to set up a meeting with our priest.

You can find out more about Baptism in our FAQ.