Prayer is central to our lives as Christians. Prayer is a conversation with God where we both talk and listen to him.

There are many ways to pray and you can explore lots of these at St Teilo’s where we regularly have (to name a few):

  • intercessory prayer (asking God and the Saints to help us and the world);
  • meditation (where we listen to God);
  • worship (where we praise God);
  • adoration (where we meet God in the blessed sacrament); and
  • through the sacraments (which we receive as we move through life).

Prayer requests

We have a “prayer station” just inside the doors of the church where you can write your prayer requests, and spend some time with our thought for the day.

You can also submit a confidential prayer request to our priest, Fr Samuel, but filling out the form below. If you need to contact a priest, please see the contact page.